Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy

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Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy

Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy
Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy
Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy
Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy
Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy
Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy
Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy
Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy

Boston Lobster Dog Chew Toy

Dogs Tooth Brush Toy, helps dog clean teeth, and keep dog's teeth healthy. Use eco-friendly material, will not bring harm to dog.  
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    Burlywood, Red
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    0.65 lbs


Prawn Dog Chew Tooth Brush Toy 

Weight:  0.65 lb

Size: 6.69*5.20*2.24 in


* Strong Chew Toy for Dogs:  This is an exceptionally durable chew toy for dogs, combining functions like teeth grinding, outdoor training, and crate chewing training. It enriches your dog's life, helps pass their boring time, burns off their excess energy, maintains health, stimulates mind, and makes them increasingly happy;

* Safe Design and Materials:  The toy is made from food-grade nylon and coffee wood fiber, produced using innovative manufacturing processes. It's safe and healthy, as well as extremely resistant to chewing. The material contains no Bisphenol A, PVC, or phthalates, fully protecting your dog's health. Both the raw materials and the product are very safe, so you can confidently use it with your dog;

* Teeth Grinding and Cleaning Function: The toy has a curved shape, suitable for dogs to grasp with their paws, allowing for comfortable use. When dogs chew on the toy, it thoroughly rubs off food residues, dirt, and tartar from their mouth, cleaning their incisors, canines, and molars, and protecting their oral health;

* Versatile Usage Scenarios: The toy is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. It can be used as an indoor interactive toy, crate training toy, and outdoor fetch toy. It does not contain any unnecessary parts, so there's no need to worry about the toy getting damaged;

* Easy to Play With:  This toy is very easy to use. It can bring joy to dogs during moments of boredom or when they are without their owner, alleviating anxiety caused by loneliness. It prevents dogs from damaging furniture, clothes, and other household items at home, offering a happy and enjoyable play experience.

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