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Cat Toy Indoor For Cats Interactive

Cat Indoor Interactive Toy
Cat Indoor Interactive Toy
Cat Indoor Interactive Toy
Cat Indoor Interactive Toy
Cat Indoor Interactive Toy
Cat Indoor Interactive Toy
Cat Indoor Interactive Toy
Cat Indoor Interactive Toy

Cat Toy Indoor For Cats Interactive

Indoor Cat Puzzle Toy For Cats Interactive  This toy is suitable for cats of all sizes and ages, and many cats can play together. Considering the individual differences of cats in personality and age, in order to prevent your cat from not being interested in the above balls and feathers, we have specially designed several larger holes on the transparent shell, so that you can put your cat's favorite elements into the toy, such as paper balls, cloth balls, bells, etc. You can DIY the toy according to your cat's preferences, to create multiple play ways, and increase the playing fun with a variety of play experiences. The capacity inside the toy is enough to put plenty of cat teasing items.  
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Multi-Functional Fun Cat Toy with Rotating Cat Teasing Stick, A Super Big Catnip Ball and Cat Holes 


  • With American brand and appearance patent: This is a multi-functional fun cat toy, it integrates a rotating cat teasing stick, a super big catnip ball and cat holes and other design elements, which can better pique cats' interest in playing.
  • Fun cat treasure chest: The toy comes with 2 plastic balls, 1 glow ball, 1 large feather, and 4 fluff balls. You can put the attached accessories into the transparent shell, on which there are cat holes of different sizes, through which cats can play with these balls and feathers within this shell. The owner can also put snacks, jerky, and plush gadgets into this shell, so that cats can play with many different toys in one designated area.
  • Rotating cat sticks and catnip balls: There are two wavy cat sticks on the top. The cat can rotate the upper part of the toy quickly by patting the cat sticks, arousing the cat's play interest and curiosity. The cat stick has super toughness and elasticity, and will not be damaged by cats. The super big catnip is covered by transparent shell which can be open to attract cats, giving them multiple play pleasures.
  • Large anti-overturn base and safe material: The toy has a hemispherical base with 4 non-slip rubber pads at the bottom. The toy can be firmly placed at the place where you want the cat to play, and the cat can play with the toy without knocking it over. Non-slip pads will leave no trace after use, and after washing, the pads will remain sticky.
  • Safe material and perfect after-sales service: The product is free from any Bisphenol A, PVC and Phthalates, but rather made from food-grade ABS. All parts of the toy are rounded in design to fully protect the cat's health, you can rest assured to use it for your cat. We also provide you with a lifetime after-sales service. Any problem with the toy, just Contact Us and we will help you with a replacement or a full refund.
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